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The Monoranger accepts no responsibility for the content of the information on the websites of The Monoranger.

The Monoranger therefore reserves the right to apply changes of form and text to information provided by third parties within reasonable and fair constraints.

If the information offered by third parties or the information already published is contrary to the interests of Internet users in general and that of The Monoranger in particular, The Monoranger retains the right to refuse and / or remove such conflicting information from its systems without giving any reason.

The Monoranger is not liable for any direct or indirect damages howsoever arising, which may result in loss of data or income, through the use of information which is available on the websites of The Monoranger.

No rights can be derived from the information provided on the websites of The Monoranger.

The information on the The Monoranger pages belongs to The Monoranger and should therefore NOT be used without the express permission of The Monoranger.